Casual Tan



A natural bronze, matched to your skin tone or a spray with added nourishment & hydration from Coconut water (most popular).

1/2 Body Spray 


Applied to legs, arms, chest & face.


Eco Tan


We do offer Certified Organic solution Eco Tan. Australian made, owned and not a single nasty.

Rinse time approx. 2-4 hours

**Available upon request only.

Suitable for all skin types.

Group Booking


x 2 @ $45

x 3 - 10 @ $20 each


Bring your besties and receive a discount.

Applies to Classic & Hydration solutions.




Value tan packs are available - the most cost effective for tanning lovers.

For best value, consider a 10 pack and share with a friend.


Upon application you'll instantly look tanned as the solution's guide bronzers are in full effect. These bronzers will wash away during your first warm water rinse. Don't be alarmed. Your tan is still working with your skin and will continue to develop over 24 hours. Oh, and don't scrub during your first shower. It's just a rinse.

The final colour result will vary depending on how soon you rinse following application.

For a light result, rinse after 1 hour. For a natural tan that will make your eyes and teeth pop, rinse after 2 hours. For a dark tan, rinse after 3 hours.

Organic Tan - for best results, rinse approx. 4 hours after application. Initial application is very light result and will develop over the following 24 hours. Don't be discouraged when you walk out with a barely noticeable glow. As the day or night passes, you'll gradually become naturally tanned.